Frankfurt, 8 January 2024:


  • Lufthansa City Center International expands to 285 agencies in 105 countries.
  • In 2023, Lufthansa City Center International reached the largest network growth ever with 66 new LCC agencies and 11 new countries.
  • Latest additions: LCC Gant Travel Management, USA and LCC Premium Travel Management, USA grow North America network to 6 agencies

2023 has been the most successful expansion year for Lufthansa City Center International in its 32-year’s history: The global franchise network added 66 new franchisees and 11 new countries. Three new agencies are licensed as Business Travel LCC members and 36 new agencies hold the additional DMC License. With this, the LCC DMC network ( comprises 119 agencies, the international Business Travel network unites 43 members. New countries in 2023 were Algeria, Cambodia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Kuwait, Maldives, Namibia and Tajikistan.

The latest growth strategy also focused on the North American market: Premium Travel Agency in Charlotte, USA, which was founded 2023 with 4 employees enters the LCC network this month. The latest Business Travel addition is Gant Travel Management in Bloomingdale, USA, which has been operating in the market since 1934. With a total of 233 employees in four locations and an annual turnover of 535 million EUR (2023), Gant Travel Management will as of now flag one location in Bloomingdale as Business Travel Lufthansa City Center. With this, a total of 6 Lufthansa City Center Business Travel members are now represented in North America/Canada. Chad Seybold, SVP Strategic Partnerships at Gant Travel Management states:  “Our journey is just taking off to new heights, and we are thrilled to be joining forces with Lufthansa City Center International. With our rich history and now as part of this esteemed network, we are excited about the endless possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. Together, we will continue to redefine the standards of excellence in the travel industry, offering our clients exceptional service and unmatched global access.”

“We are thrilled to close our business year with such an historic expansion. This highlights the significant demand in the market for a worldwide network of travel experts, advanced digital infrastructures, coupled with a robust and trusted brand presence in the Travel Management Company (TMC) and travel agency sector. LCC offers a solution to all these components. Our USP is to keep the franchisee’s entrepreneurial independence and incorporating the local reputation and knowledge into a global setting and reach.  Being represented in 105 countries is a significant milestone and exemplifies our commitment to growth, innovation, and delivering unparalleled services to LCC travellers all over the globe,” states Martina Groenegres, Managing Director of Lufthansa City Center International GmbH (LCCI). “On top to our growth, it is loyalty and consistency we are proud of. 30% of all our international franchisees are with LCC for 15 years or longer. In 2024, we will continue our successful expansion to fill in the few missing spots in our global reach” continues Martina Groenegres.

Prospective franchisees interested in being part of this historic expansion can find more information on our concept at our official website or by contacting the franchise team at


About Lufthansa City Center:

Lufthansa City Center (LCC) is the world's largest independent franchise company in the travel agency market with 565 offices in 105 countries and a total turnover of 3,305 billion Euros (business year 2022). LCC is active in the leisure (tourism) and corporate (business travel) sectors. The chain of owner-managed medium-sized travel agencies includes 280 offices with around 1,800 employees in Germany. Outside of its home market Germany (which is operated by the German franchisor Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner GmbH), the travel agency network employs around 1,800 people in 285 offices. Responsible for all world-wide agencies is Lufthansa City Center International GmbH, the international franchisor located in Frankfurt/Germany. Lufthansa City Center offer a global programme with local relevance to nurture the cultural differences and dynamics required in each market. A global presence with local capabilities ensures the best opportunity for delivering exceptional customer service. Further information is available at

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