Why we care more

Lufthansa City Center gives great consideration to the future of the company and its workforce. As the only global travel agency chain that has its headquarters and base in Germany, we are continually setting standards in many areas. Therefore, we have high expectations of ourselves when it comes to corporate social responsibility - i.e. ensuring we shape a responsible course for the future. Lufthansa City Center Headquarters is committed to making environmental protection an integral part of its business activities. Therefore, minimizing our environmental impact and improving our environmental service are at the forefront of our operations.

Lufthansa City Center plays an active role in various corporate social sustainability initiatives. Through these memberships we can raise awareness on sustainability issues among industry partners and institutions:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our best asset: our workforce

Our future rests on the performance and personality of our staff. We value this asset and look after it with career opportunities for young people that are fit for the future. We also offer a broad range of training and professional development measures which ensure the growth of our quality brand.

LCC Green Award

Every year Lufthansa City Center awards the best local  achievements amongst the LCC travel agencies. The LCC Green Award rewards sustainable projects and initiatives from our franchise members that have a lasting effect on our environment and natural resources as well as created awareness amongst employees and customers.

Environmental Management Certification

Our Business Travel Lufthansa City Center offices and the Lufthansa City Center Headquarters in Frankfurt bear a special seal of quality: certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. Not only does it identify us as a quality provider, but it acknowledges our sustained commitment to our wide range of vocational education and training.