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Management Team

Since 2020, Martina Groenegres holds the position of Managing Director at Lufthansa City Center International. Together with Senior Sales Director Siiri Palisaar they manage a highly energetic, multicultural and professional team located either in and outside of Frankfurt,  to make sure to put your needs into the focus of all their doing. They commit themselves to one major goal: Your utmost satisfaction.

"At LCC we believe that great brands start with the understanding that people are the motor of our business."

Account Mangers at Lufthansa City Center
Account Managers

Your Account Manager is your key to your Lufthansa City Center and your personal success. As experts for their respective markets, it is their task to answer any of your question and be your spokesperson, consultant, trainer, network developer and guide throughout the Lufthansa City Center landscape. Your Account Manager makes sure you stay updated on all products and benefit most from your membership to make your individual business case a success.


From left to right: Jens Schuster, Daphne Pallikaraki and Andrej Skraba.

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