Flying with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
Reduce CO2 sustainably

Reduce your CO2 Emmissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

As a corporate customer of Lufthansa City Center, you can now reduce your CO2 emissions from flights by up to 80%. In cooperation with the Lufthansa Group, Lufthansa City Center is the first business travel provider to offer so-called SAF packages. SAF stands for Sustainable Aviation Fuel and is the generic term for all jet fuels that are produced without using fossil energy resources.

This is how it works

Your contribution to the energy transition

Interested customers book their SAF packages for future flights with Lufthansa City Center in the overall amount of miminum 2.000 Euro. In return, you receive an official CO2 mitigation certificate to deduct SCOPE 3 emission for your ecological balance reporting. This certificate is issued by the global engineering office of Müller-BBM located in Planegg close to Munich and accepted by all local governments to claim a coporate's carbon footprint and mitigate CO2.

Lufthansa Group refuels their aircrafts at their hubs with the respective amounts of sustainable kerosine as ordered by you within a period of maximum 12 months after buying the SAF package. The climate-friendly kerosene is then being used in aircrafts of Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels Airlines or Eurowings.

Sustainable Investment

Climate-friendly SAF Tickets

Climate-friendly tickets sure have their price.  The SAF price also differs depending on the compartments, as it is calculated based on the space a passenger needs on an airplane. Let's take a sample from London to Frankfurt: The CO2-saving SAF ticket in Economy Class is 112 Euro more expensive than the regular ticket on normal fossil kerosene.  If we take the route New York to Frankfurt, the SAF ticket in Business Class adds a 1.066 Euro surcharge to the regular ticket price for using SAF. Every little step counts.


This price difference results from high production costs. One litre SAF is 4 times as expensive as normal fossil kerosene. However, the positive impact on the environment is tremendous: Those who book a SAF package of 2.000 Euro with Lufthansa City Center, contributes to Lufthansa Group Airlines refueling up to 1.330 litres of climate-friendly SAF, which equals more than 3 tons of CO2 saved for our planet.


As corporate customer, you can choose the percentage of offset you want to make for a particular flight route with SAF, depending on the invest and impact you are looking for: You may even start with 10%  and scale up over a period of time.


What is SAF?

There are various production processes with different resources and ingredients used for sustainable aviation fuels.  Lufthansa Group applies SAF  made from biogenic residues, for example from used cooking oils and industrial waste materials which are hydrogenated and then refined like fossil fuels. Lufthansa Group has secured sustainable kerosene for a quarter of a billion US dollars in order to be able to meet the expected demand in the coming years. However, the overall SAF supplies available on the world market today are not sufficient to use large quantities in flight operations. The Lufthansa Group is therefore active in numerous projects to promote the availability of SAF, such as the opening of the largest SAF production plant in Singapore in Q3 2022.


SAF is an important step on the way to climate-neutral air travel. Currently, the use of SAF reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to fossil fuels. In order to become 100% climate-neutral, the entire supply chain of production and delivery processes, which also produce CO2 emissions, still have to be optimized.