We live diversity everyday

What diversity means to us

Lufthansa City Center is a diverse network and community that is home to over 100 different cultures and nationalities. It is a place where we embrace people from all walks of life and make no difference in race, gender, age, ideology, personality, and disability. We live diversity!

Dimensions of Diversity

Diversity comes in many forms: gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, socioeconomic background, etc. All of these contribute to an individual’s unique experience of the world.
Especially here at Lufthansa City Center with so many different people coming together daily in our office in Frankfurt or at events throughout the year it is necessary to take a step back and examine the presence of diversity in our own life. Here is why we think diversity is important: 

Enhanced resourcefulness

Bringing together people of various backgrounds with different life experiences can generate new ideas or perspectives. We all have our own way of viewing a problem, shaped by our personal experience. When we are facing a challenge, wouldn’t it be better to have multiple approaches, rather than everyone contributing the same thoughts and ideas?

Moving closer together

If you experience diversity in your everyday life, you will have regular exposure to people, cultures, traditions, and practices that are unlike your own. You will learn the skills to communicate and interact with communities and concepts that you are unfamiliar with and gain a more worldly view.
Not only will you enhance your social development, but you will also increase your understanding of the world. This will prepare you to be a part of a global society, whether you are traveling to a new country, working with diverse colleagues, or just reading about events in the news that have heavily impacted a population different than your own.

Step toward acceptance and respect

The step from “tolerance” to “acceptance” is not as big as you might think. When we meet, talk and interact with new people with different mind-sets, beliefs, habits, abilities we might find out that we have more in common than we thought. Or, we find out that the other person is remarkably different but that is okay, too! It will help us to minimize discrimination and lead us to a state of acceptance and respect.

Diversity is colourful!

Look around you. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone around you was exactly like you? In order to grow and evolve we need new point of views, ideas and inspiration. Together, our differences make a strong, beautiful, LCC community.
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