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Maritime transport is the backbone of global trade and the global economy. Approximately 90% or some 11 billion tons of the world’s goods are transported by sea each year.  Movement of crew to over 56,000 ships that move 11 billion tons of goods is therefore a specialist’s job. Mind you, these are not the only ships that need crew as there are a whole host of other ships that sail the world’s oceans that need crews too. Besides the movement of ship crew there is also another kind of key worker that needs to be on the move, namely the offshore energy industry worker.

Defining marine and offshore travel are the Lufthansa City Center Marine & Offshore Travel members. These are specialists in the movement of crew in off shore segments, whether that be oil/gas/renewable energy or traditional marine. They know the complexity of a unique travel sector, one that requires a high degree of understanding for the urgent need to travel. A travel consultant who understands the importance of a traveller being globally re-positioned and the knock-on effect if that were not to happen. A travel consultant who understands the wide range of nationalities and documents involved as well as the regular occurrence of significant excess baggage.

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