What you should know

What is Lufthansa City Center?

The Lufthansa City Center (LCC) travel agency franchise concept is an affiliation of travel agency entrepreneurs, combining the flexibility and expertise of independent and IATA licenced travel agencies with a complete service portfolio and world wide recognition of its brand and its products. With more than 580 LCC partners in 105 countries around the world, the network and brand has seen rapid growth since its introduction into the market in 1991. LCC is the largest travel agency network world wide. It ranks among the leading industry players internationally and our continuous success over the past thirty years of the company’s development is proof of the integrity of the Lufthansa City Center concept, quality and stability. LCC members around the world turn over some 6 billion EUR per year.

Does the image of LCC influence on the relationship with other suppliers?

No. it does not affect your individual supplier relationships. However, the majority of suppliers are aware that LCC is a strong, global quality travel agency chain and this position results in good relationships. To reinforce the positive market reputation, you should proactively inform your suppliers, customers and employees when becoming the selected Lufthansa City Center member in your area.

Does an LCC have to sell only Lufthansa tickets?

No,it is not mandatory to sell solely or more Lufthansa tickets. Nevertheless, an LCC office should have a natural affinity towards LH. With a close relationship to the local LH sales team, most LCC offices automatically sell more LH tickets. In general, an LCC owner is required to follow LCC Headquarters’ sales strategy according to our preferred supplier portfolio. Our recommendations are based on central incentive and marketing agreeme nts, from which the entire LCC network benefits.

Does an LCC get additional benefits from Lufthansa?

Yes, the biggest benefit from being an LCC is the positive image transfer: having the strong brand of the world class company “Lufthansa” in your name. Lufthansa City Center stands for quality, reliability, security and competence. The addition of the LCC name to your company name will increase your local recognition. LH co operates closely with each LCC and your local LH representative will consult with you frequently and plan sales activities and strategies with you upon request.

Why should I choose the LCC Franchise system?

In contrast to our competitors, the following aspects are unique to the LCC concept:


Co-branding: Within the LCC concept, there is a unique and clear co-branding approach: Your agency name is combined with the LCC brand and forms one logo. Thus, your locally established name is enhanced by the positive image transfer from a globally recognized name: “Lufthansa”.


Complete portfolio for corporate & leisure business
The comprehensive central LCC portfolio offers sophisticated products & services to both corporate and leisure oriented agencies. We are the only travel agency chain with a 360° view and alignment of our franchise members including your customers and suppliers. We invest to support your business.


Active influence

Any LCC may apply for a seat in the LCC boards and committees, which are assigned in a formal election process. Within the various LCC bodies, members c an then gain influence on further concept developments. This means that any LCC regardless of size and origin has a chance to actively shape the future of LCC.


Independent entrepreneurship
LCC offers you a franchise concept, which means we work exclusively on a franchise basis world-wide. We trust in your local expertise and believe in your entrepreneurial drive and freedom under our global umbrella.



What does LCC, LCCI and LCR stand for?

LCC are the franchise members, so 580 individually owned Lufthansa City Center agencies in 105 countries. LCR on the other side is Lufthansa City Center Reisebüro Partner, the franchisor and franchise headquarters for all LCC agencies within Germany. Then we also have LCCI, the franchisor and headquarters of all LCC agencies located outside of Germany.