Rediscover Belarus

Marina Antashkevich from Lufthansa City Center VS Global tells us about the bog in Belarus- Yelnya. Let’s read her tip and get to know an interesting fact about the bog:

“Take a breath! Have you ever walked at the bog? It is worth trying! The bog is an absolutely unique ecosystem, which plays an important role in cleaning the air of whole Europe. What makes Belarusian wil-derness so exceptional is the number of bogs around the country: they cover about 7% of the land.

We invite you to the most picturesque bog in Belarus - Yelnya. During the hike, you will learn more about the “lungs” of Europe, their inhabitants, such as sundew, cotton grass, sphagnum, goddess and others. In summer, we strongly recommend you to have a swim in famous peat lakes: it is amazing! It will not only soft your skin and strength your health, but will also be an exciting part of your travel experience.

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Rediscover Slovenia

Bled Island is a true tresure that you have to visit when you come to Slovenia. Barara is our Slovenia expert from Lufthansa City Center Kompas in Ljubljana as has some fantatstic tips for you below.

"I recommend staying a Glamping tent in Garden Village Bled or in the Rikili Balance Hotel. My favorite restaurant to got to is the Bled Castle Restaurant. The best Bled Cream Cake you can get at Kavaran Park!"

There are many different kind of activites that you can do:

  • Take pletna wooden boat to Bled island
  • Take par in a traditional cake making workshop and tasting at Bled island
  • Join a private concert at a lake church
  • Rowing with proffessionnals – teambuilding on lake Bled
  • Cycling around the area
  • Walk through Vintgar Gorge
  • Discover honey: visit a honey producer and its beehives, you can paint your own traditional beehive panel
  • Visit Bled castle for amazing views and medieval shows

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Rediscover Cyprus

Hello Cyprus! Myroulla from LCC Orthodoxou Travel takes you on trip to beautiful Larnaka!

“Larnaka is proud of its traditions, which are still very much cherished and practiced across the region.

From pottery workshops to wineries and rural activities, you cannot only watch Larnaka's interesting customs in action, but can participate too for a unique and authentic holiday experience!

Beautifully compact, easily accessible and truly authentic, Larnaka is Cyprus' oldest soul; the longest continually inhabited region of the island, with a history that dates back 10,000 years, and the most centrally positioned, offering easy access to other regions.

Here are my top 7 things to do when you visit us on the island:
1. Basket Weaving
2. Halloumi Cheese Making
3. Cooking Sessions
4. Beekeeping Tours
5. Donkey Riding and Harvests
6. Wine Tasting
7. Learn all about Local Herbs

Hope to welcome you all soon!”

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Rediscover Albania

Our lovely colleague and travel expert Enea from Lufthansa City Center Elite Travel in Albania is telling her secret spot in her home country.

Prepare to be amazed by one of Balkan’s finest mountain ranges, the Accursed Mountains/Albanian Alps. They are spread between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. To get to this wonderful view like Enea, you have to hike (level: challenging). There are also some small villages in the middle of the wilderness of nature, but those who come should also be prepared with food. What you will get at the top? The best landscape of rocky peaks and deep ravines, breathtaking sunsets and an experience of a lifetime!

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Rediscover Moscow

Today our lovely colleague Giuliana from Lufthansa City Center Guindani Viaggi in Italy is recommending the best coffee she ever had. To our surprise this was not in her home town Cremona, but on the Red Square in Moscow! She definitely recommend staying at the National Hotel. The breakfast is served in the Moskov-sky Room that has large panoramic windows that offer spectacular Kremlin views.

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Rediscover Gdynia

Next stop on our journey of rediscovering the world is Gdynia. Martyna Mastalerz working for our Lufthansa City Center travel agency Bis Biuro Podróży in Poland takes us to her favorite places of the city.

Gdynia is the younger city than the more known city Gdansk. The beautiful seaport is the main attraction and you when you are there you should take a walk on pier and the Baltic Sea. Must see is Dar Pomorza and other boats at the seaport.

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Rediscover Gdansk

Our travel expert Martyna from our Lufthansa City Center agency Bis Biuro Podróży in Poland takes you to her favorite spots in her home city: Gdansk.

Gdansk is beautifully located directly on the Motława River. From its port, touristic cruises are offered. Martyna recommends the cruise to Westerplatte Coast that takes about 30 minutes, time to admire the city from the waterside whilst listening to an audio guide who tells about all attractions to see en route. The best sunset is definitely here to be seen – at the Westerplatte Coast directly along the Baltic Sea promenade.

Walking along the Gdansk Old Town is simply magical: The most popular, elegant and spectacular square is Długi Targ. Here you can admire the main monuments like Neptune's fountain, the town hall of the main city in Gdańsk and Artus Court. At the Old Town the choice is yours: Plenty of restaurants, bars, coffee shops offer a meal with an amazing view on the historical and beautiful city. Gorgeous and colorful buildings in the narrow streets inspire your senses. These are less popular.

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