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Welcome to LCC Blue Cube Travel

LCC Blue Cube Travel was formed in 2012. The company has grown over the years to become one of the respected corporate travel agencies in Ghana.

Our corporate clients value our service very much and are our most important marketing tool. Most of the clientele have come to us through introductions from existing clients. We are very proud of the fact that we are not just order takers but a true consultancy. We always make the effort to offer varying options to our clients in order to help them to make some savings on their corporate travel budgets.

We invite you, our corporate customers, to stick with us as we enhance our service levels further and for any new potential clients, you can certainly be assured of a superb service from LCC Blue Cube Travel.
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Our team

Felix Attua Afari
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Service & Travel

Flights-as flying has become more popular over the last few years the number of people travelling has increased. This means that it is more difficult to get the best fare during busy times of the year. We however have a very good view of seat availability via our booking engine, Sabre. This system offers us access to a very wide inventory of flights worldwide and allows us to book promptly the lowest fares available:

•world-wide hotel reservation

•car hire


•travel insurance

•airport transfer



LCC Mobile App: Load your trips and gain access to travel alerts on the move. Any changes occurring during your trip will be relayed to you immediately, thereby helping you to plan accordingly.

Customer profiles: We do this by building a personalised profile in our system, so we do not have to keep asking you these details every time you book.

Travel alerts: We have a facility that picks up trouble spots around the world and alerts as straight away. This is essential for the safety of our clients as they travel the world.

Invoicing: All transactions are raised in our back-office system as invoices, printed as PDF and sent out via email to our clients. We also provide statement of outstanding invoices to our clients periodically.