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8010 Barcelona
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Welcome to Turinter!

Turinter helps you to maintain your personal space! We can suggest a wide variety of additional activities that we’ll manage and reserve for you. We are available to help you at any moment. Although you’re travelling in a group, you can have your personal space whenever you need it.
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Why do we want to help you?

•Because we are specialists in organizing business travel

•Because we know how important it is for you, and that by doing a great job, you’ll be our client for years to come

•Because as our client base grows, so does our prestige

•Because this has been our mission from the creation of our business

We always want to know what our clients think. This helps us to focus on what gives you the most value and the best service.

Different & unique experiences
Vacations with cultural, touristic, sporting, gastronomic, maritime or shopping activities, or with different experiences.

•Because we intimately know the locations that we offer and the activities that you can do while you’re there

•Because we know the companies that offer the most interesting activities at every destination