Abramar viajes
Abramar viajes

Lufthansa City Center
Abramar viajes

C./ Reconquista, 3
36201 Vigo
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The Abramar experience

LCC Abramar viajes was founded in 1998 in Vigo as a travel agency specialized in corporate travel. In 2004, the MICE department was created thanks to the growing demand of our customers.

Our aim is to respond to the needs and expectations of business people on their work trips, with the approachability a local and family agency grants us, and with the support of an international network such as Lufthansa City Center.

Abramar's team is the secret to its success. The joint action of cutting-edge technology and our staff (professional, experienced and specialised) ensures that we can guarantee a highly efficient service, always at the best rate available.

The transparency, security and peace of mind we offer our customers are among our most outstanding traits. Excellence in corporate travel management is Abramar’s main mission. The vision is to anticipate the needs of the customers and remain faithful to the values in order to provide the best travel management service in the market. We offer the best solutions to optimize the management, processes and costs of the corporate travel account.
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Our team

DMC Department
Silvia Pena
Seamen Department 
Marga De Sousa
Leisure Department 
Ruth Dominguez
Mice Department 
Yolanda Dacosta
Corporate Department 
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Corporate travel

We provide your company's travel managers with state-of-the-art technology in corporate travel management and make travel more comfortable for our passengers thanks to our value-added services: 24 hr-services, billing system completely flexible and adaptable to the needs of each customer, reporting, card reconciliation or visa management.

Sector specialization: Seaman
Over the years, our staff has specialised in various very specific sectors, enabling us to provide a highly efficient service based on your specific needs. We keep up with fairs and important events relevant to the sectors of our customers, which enables us to plan their trips in advance, guaranteeing availability and the best rates for them.
Independient department focused on MICE & DMC
Abramar MICE creates innovative and surprising events adapted to the needs and interests of those who request them. We organize meetings with guarantee of success. All our projects are tailor-made, with the aim of making your experience as satisfactory as possible at all organisational stages.