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Lufthansa City Center
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HD Building, Zone 6, Providence Industrial Estate, Mahe
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Your tailor-made Seychelles experience

7° South Lufthansa City Center is dedicated to showcasing the stunning beauty of the Seychelles archipelago. Our passionate, multilingual team draws from a rich tapestry of cultures, enabling them to cater to the unique preferences of each guest. We maintain strong, personal relationships with all our local suppliers, ensuring flexibility and a hands-on approach from accommodation bookings to selecting the perfect transportation and experiences tailored specifically to our clients' needs. Our expertise allows us to craft bespoke itineraries that emphasize 'living in the moment', guaranteeing a seamless and memorable holiday experience filled with incredible stories to share upon returning home.
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Experience the natural essence of the islands

This journey spans between Mahe, the cultural hub of Seychelles and Praslin. A visit to Vallee de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a pristine native palm forest filled with Coco de Mer, the largest nut in the world. An enthralling trip to 3 neighboring islands designed to bring you innately closer to nature, explore a natural bird sanctuary, get up close with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises roaming freely on the island of Curieuse.

The Freedom of the wilderness 4 x 4 adventure

Explore our trails in a 4x4 offroad vehicle to off-the-track vantage points of Mahe, rarely found in guidebooks. A short hike up the rugged trails, you will emerge to some breathtaking views, perfect for a 15-minute meditation. High on the list to visit based on weather conditions is Ros Gorilla, Salazie & Grand Anse Waterfall! A quick stop at a local food shack before settling at the beach to savor the creole spices barefoot style.

The enchanting secluded cove of Anse Major

Try out this rustic trail along the northwest coast of Mahé, enjoying the beautiful scenery of green cloaked mountains with spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Through the cave of Roche l’Eglise, emerging into a mix of endemic plants, taste the purest mountain spring water streaming down the huge granite to the isolated Anse Major beach. Snorkel the pristine corals, brimming with diverse marine life.