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Via Flavio Gioia 14
37135 Verona
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Travel at the top with LCC Vertours

Vertours Lufthansa City Center is THE travel agency in Verona since 1949. We have experienced and well trained staff for those who travel the world and want to do it safely. Holiday, Incoming, Business Travel, Events - wherever you want to spend your holiday and live an unforgettable experience, visit an art city in Italy or reach the goal of your business, LCC Vertours is always at your side with an experienced and reliable team. We offer the best hotels, the most efficient tour operators, the best fitting and customized solutions, the brand-new technologies to let you always travel at the top.
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Advantages and saving
Vertours Lufthansa City Center enjoys the best available rates with countless hotels, airlines and car rental companies, this way we can keep your travel costs down to an absolute minimum. The constant monitoring of the budget, the update and adjustment of the company Travel Policy complete the benefits for the client.
Tools and technologies
Vertours Lufthansa City Center offers the customers the new Self Booking Tool, a sophisticated web booking system for the organization and the management of the business trips, granting maximum accuracy and timeliness. A data Integration with the corporate ERP and with the travel expenses system are also at hand.
Servcice and excellence

The Business Travel Center offers assistance 24h/365days with dedicated phone lines. Our highly committed employees and strong customer focus of our V.I.P. service will solve any problem and satisfy any particular enquiry. A strong partner for your day-to-day business.