Santini Viaggi
Santini Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center
Santini Viaggi

Via Buozzi, 24
60044 Fabriano

Welcome to LCC Santini Viaggi

Lufthansa City Center Santini Viaggi has been synonymous with reliability since 1952, when it was founded by Edgardo Santini. With core values like innovation, training and competence, LCC Santini Viaggi operates with a long tradition in the leisure segment and has specialised also in business travel. Being a point of reference for many companies, which are assisted all around thanks to a dedicated team of experts, is what makes us proud. LCC Santini Viaggi also offers a complete range of tourist services, from individual trips to group tours and honeymoons, taking care of each trip down to the smallest detail to meet customers' needs. LCC Santini Viaggi also manages its own fleet of Hertz rental cars.
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