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Il Viaggio

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Il Viaggio

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Welcome to LCC Il Viaggio

Il Viaggio Journeys & Voyages was born in 1972, from a family of travelers. Today it is a tour operator of great individuals who have made travel their passion. We are known as pioneers in discovering and designing itineraries, with a captivating style and a tailor-made approach .

First it was Turkey, which we have explored over the years to the most remote places. Later, at the beginning of the new millennium, we were seen as profound connoisseurs of southern Africa: there is hardly a place, a city, a village where we have not been or that we have not loved. Since 2002 we have expanded our gaze and new destinations have been added: the jewel of the Arabian Gulf - Oman -, then the fascinating Japan, inspiring us all. Finally, Latin America, the Arctic and the Antarctic, which we have been exploring with fascination since 2008.

We are proud to leave indelible footprints in the hearts and minds of our travelers. We don't just sell a trip: we become part of it. Experiencing our way of traveling is a real pleasure !
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Eco-friendly travel proposals

Designing a tailor-made trip can become an ethical choice. For this reason, whenever possible, in our itineraries we favor structures that adopt responsible behavior. Such as the use of solar energy in the Okavango Delta, the conservation of fynbos in South Africa, the financing of a school in Zambia or the use of 0 km products for dinner in a luxury lodge - because even luxury can be sustainable.

Within our website, the structures - hotels, resorts, lodges and tented camps- that adopt responsible behavior, as well as travel proposals that include such structures, are marked with the green "Eco-friendly" icon.

We would like to clarify that this is not an official classification, but a report from us.