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Welcome to LCC WeRIsrael

WeRIsrael is a leading and well-established tourism company in the field of incoming tourism to Israel. The company is part of the B. D. Graiver group, one of the largest and foremost tourism groups in Israel. WeRIsrael specializes in creating visits to Israel with significant added value, providing round-the-clock service. The program for your visit to Israel will be created personally and professionally just for you, whether you want a program for a private individual, an organization, or a company. Visits are set up in consultation with the client, but we make suggestions and pay attention to the customer's special wishes.

As a result of the successful and high quality service that our company is known for, we have been selected to be one of the tourism companies in Israel that provides tourism services on a daily basis to Israeli government ministries as well as to government offices of other European countries.

The company's staff is composed of long-standing and respected tour personnel who have extensive experience in leading groups of pilgrims, Israeli Ministry of Tourism licensed tour guides, as well as people formerly employed by institutions and organizations from the world of information, and emissaries in Israel and abroad. Our people always ‘keep their ears to the ground' and are therefore familiar with the newest hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, in order to provide the tourist with the most appropriate experience.

Our company has connections and contracts with many airlines and extensive experience purchasing airline tickets for individuals and groups, as well as close connections with many hotels around Israel, including large chains and smaller, top-class boutique hotels. WeRIsrael provides transportation services with drivers of the highest level, and most of the vehicles have Wi-Fi, USB connections for charging mobile devices while traveling and, of course, bottles of cold water.

Our company has contacts with leading escorts and tour guides in many languages – English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, and more. Our company works with experienced tour guides who are licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

WeRIsrael specializes in creating a special culinary and hospitality experience for our visitors. We work closely with the restaurants to create a personalized menu and experience for our guests in accordance with the countries that they come from. A significant number of restaurants we work with are ranked a ‘best dining place’ by restaurant critics in Israel, and are among the top ranked in TripAdvisor.

We would be happy to put our staff at your disposal and to build a customized and personalized program for your visit to Israel, taking your requirements into account. By choosing WeRIsrael, you can expect to receive the highest possible level of itinerary – created by the same people who plan visits for important Israeli government guests from abroad – and all this at a competitive and attractive prices.

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Our team

Etay Fuhrman
Business Development Manager 
Daniel Baum
Tamar Adler-Furman
Incoming Department Manager 
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