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Cuba Buddy

Lonja del Comercio Building, 4L Office
10100 Havanna
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Welcome to LCC Cuba Buddy

Lufthansa City Center Cuba Buddy is your top partner when it comes to 100% authentic and unique travel experiences. Focusing on DMC business, LCC Cuba Buddy already planned thousands of different Cuba individual tours - and yours can be the next!

We are always personally on the lookout for the most unique accommodation, itineraries and activities to make your trip as relaxing, diverse and adventurous as possible!

Our team

Michael Scholz
Senior Sales Manager | B2B - Contact 
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Individual Travel
We stand as the premier expert in 100% tailor-made trips to Cuba. With comprehensive knowledge of the country, culture, and local resources, we curate unforgettable experiences. Our extensive network of partners, personalised service, top ratings, and commitment to 24/7 on trip availability make us the go-to DMC travel agency for authentic individual experiences in Cuba.
Group Travel
We are the ultimate expert in group travel to Cuba, ensuring seamless and unforgettable experiences in Cuba. We have specialised in crafting tailor-made group journeys that cater to diverse interests and preferences. Trust us to create exceptional group adventures that leave a lasting impact on every participant.
Leisure Travel

Our team’s personal travel experience and commitment to delivering top-rated service makes us the unrivalled expert in leisure travel to Cuba, offering unparalleled experiences that blend relaxation, exploration and cherishable moments. With our profound understanding of the country we curate tailor-made leisure trips that cater to unique preferences ensuring that every leisure traveller enjoys an unforgettable and authentic journey through Cuba.