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Information on the current travel situation in South Africa

provided by LCC Reynolds Travel


Is travel currently possible in your destination?

Flights: Only Corporate Travel is possible currently or for one of the below reasons.

• Moving to a new place of residence
• Caring for an immediate family member
• Members of parliament performing oversight responsibilities
• Attending a funeral
• Students travelling to schools or their institution of learning
• Transporting of mortal remains
• Obtaining medical treatment
• Returning to place of residence from isolation/quarantine

Intra-Provincial travel is now possible (leisure travel within your own province).

Are special safety measures locally in place?

Our borders are still closed, however, travellers entering South Africa on repatriation flights are required to enter quarantine or self-isolation for 10 days. Testing is provided free of charge by our government clinics. Should we want to use our own private medical aid it will only be covered should the test be positive, if its negative it will be deducted from your private medical aid accordingly.


Are hotels and restaurants open? Which restrictions/rules are in place?
Restaurants are open. However they are not allowed to serve alcohol currently and we have a nationwide curfew of 10pm. Hotels and lodges are open (not all hotels as demand is still low). Hotels and lodges have to adhere to restrictions meaning only business travellers or essential travellers and only leisure travellers from within the hotels province.

Where can travellers look up the latest information?
The SA Tourism Board - https://www.southafrica.net/
Department of Tourism - https://www.gov.za/Coronavirus/travel

Are flexible cancellation/change of reservation conditions in place?
Yes. This will differ per airline or hotel but many have introduced flexible cancellation/change of reservation conditions.


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