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Our Network Projects

Read more about what we do for the world.

Our diverse projects are maintained and managed at an individual and local level by several LCC agencies across the world. Enjoy a sampling of our highlighted projects. Each project is an ongoing, long-term initiative that is currently active. Click on their website to learn more.

Students at the Atameric School celebrate Republic Day (Turkey) on October 29

Selma - Orhon Atameric Kindergarten

LCC Active Tourism, Turkey

This active kindergarten was founded in 2014 by Managing Director of LCC Active Tourism, Mr. Orhon Atameric and his wife, Selma. As it was very successful during the first year, many parens in Kandira, Turkey have started to send their children to the kindergarten. The school management shifted to part time education instead of full time education in order to have more children visit the school and the current number of pupils is 139 with 7 teachers leading 7 different classes: 4 classes before noon and 3 classes in the afternoon. The government named the school after the Atamerics, with whom they combined forces to complete the building of the school.

Green Go Bus

LCC Viaggi Erbacci, Italy

This amazing project of Lufthansa City Center Viaggi Erbacci started in 2013. They introduced the green bus public transportation in Faenza, Italy. The goal is to enable working people to access the city centre in a sustainable way. People can now park their cars outside the city centre at a parking loft free of charge. From there electric busses are leaving every 10 minutes to the city centre. 2 Green busses each hold 22 people and provide bus access for disable people. This initiative support the city and its habitants tremendesously. People are given free transport and the city centre is exempted from noise and pollution. Go Green Bus!


Saint Philip Apostol Diocese Center for Medications

LCC Exelenzia Travel Hub, Dominican Republic

The Saint Philip Apostol Diocese Center for Medications is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of Exelenzia Travel Hub Lufthansa City Center in the Dominican Republic. Located in Puerto Plata, the center provides provides health treatment and medicine to those in need throughout the entire province since 2003. Lufthansa City Center Exelenzia Travel Hub are donating monthly a great sum to assist the Catholic nuns who manage the center. The center receives, organizes, stocks and distributes the donations while organizing weekly activities for health treatments with qualified doctors for free. They also train and educate caregivers and raise awareness of the importance of personal health care. Their main goal is providing physical and spiritual relief to those in need and unable to afford treatment and medical care.

LCC Panorama Supporting a Sale at United By Christ Home Foundation

United by Christ Home Foundation

LCC Panorama, Paraguay

Since 2002, children who are not for adoption by legal mandate can reside in the United by Christ Home until they are of legal age to leave in one of two homes in the Paraguayan cities of Capiata or Ciudad del Este. They recieve education, housing, medical attention and personal care from the members at the home. The Government of Paraguay supports the home with a small stipend, but the home is funded primarily by private donations and company donations, like those of LCC Panorama.

"Save Sparrow" Initiative

LCC Travels & Rentals, India

The “Save Sparrow” Program is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of Travels & Rentals Lufthansa City Center – a leading Kolkata-based travel and tourism organization specializing in Corporate and Leisure travel operations since 1987.

Travels & Rentals Lufthansa City Center is the first organization of its kind in Kolkata to undertake a mission to save the sparrow bird currently on the brink of extinction.

The Program targets to generate awareness on the factors contributing to the rapid disappearance of sparrows via free donation of custom-designed sparrow feeders to residential and business owners to save the birds from dying.

Futouris takes Travel Agents to South Africa with Project


Lufthansa City Center Headquarters, Germany

Together with Lufthansa City Center, Futouris aims to educate the travel industry and travel agents about possibilities with sustainable travel, trips and sustainability in the industry. By offering trips directly to travel agents along with training and exercises, Futouris hopes to bring sustainability closer to customers who often times care about the green choices they make when traveling. Lufthansa City Center helps create trips and offers from Futouris that are then offered to LCC members across the globe.


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