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Lufthansa City Center

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Top movie from Albania

At the moment there is one movie that excites all Albanians but also has a lot of fan outside of the country. It is the movie called I love Tropoja!

The movie is about a bank analyst is being promoted to head an office in one of the most dangerous parts of the country. Landi is young and successful, with a high-paying job in a large bank in Tirana, his girlfriend is an influencer and he has just paid for his first house. His dream: he would like to become a bank manager. The desire to advance professionally leads him to end up in Tropoja, in a remote mountain region of Albania and accidentally in the bed of his host's daughter. Now they have to marry against their will due to outdated traditions. A hilarious plan to cancel the wedding, strange in-laws and his crazy "other" girlfriend make for a tumultuous romantic comedy.