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Rediscover the world safely with us!

We are all longing for the days to travel again: Travel is part of the human DNA and an urgent desire for many customers already. Reload the batteries, leave the lockdowns behind and enjoy the new beauty of calm magical spots all over the world. As global travel restrictions ease, domestic, regional and even international travel restarts again.

Check out here to find your next LCC travel agent caring for your safe journey. Whenever you are ready to explore the world again – we are at your side!


Rediscover Belarus safely with us

Marina Antashkevich from VS Global tells us about the bog in Belarus- Yelnya. Let’s read her tip and get to know an interesting fact about the bog:

“Take a breath! Have you ever walked at the bog? It is worth trying! The bog is an absolutely unique ecosystem, which plays an important role in cleaning the air of whole Europe. What makes Belarusian wil-derness so exceptional is the number of bogs around the country: they cover about 7% of the land.


Rediscover Portugal

Catia Coelho from LCC Sirius Travel shows us the beauty of her country Portugal. Portugal has a lot to over when it comes to nature. Catia’s personal tip is to walk the “Paiva Walkway”.

Rediscover Cyprus safely with us

Hello Cyprus! Myroulla from LCC Orthodoxou Travel takes you on trip to beautiful Larnaka!

“Larnaka is proud of its traditions, which are still very much cherished and practiced across the region. From pottery workshops to wineries and rural activities, you cannot only watch Larnaka's interesting customs in action, but can participate too for a unique and authentic holiday experience!

Rediscover Argentina safely with us

Follow us to the third largest, crystal white salt flat in South America together with our dear col-league Damián from our travel agency LCC Sudameria in Argentina. Damián know all about this special place: “Many years ago, the basin was completely covered with waters coming from the volcano. The gradual evaporation of this liquid and its components is what later gave shape to this salt flat, which has a crust whose average thickness is 30 centimeters. 

Rediscover the Maldives

Our colleague Nina working for LCC Crown Tours Maldives moved to the Maldives 7 years ago. Today she tells us about her little place of paradise:
“Ever since I arrived in Maldives, this paradise immediately made me consider this place as my second home. No wonder Maldives as a destination is one of the highest repeater guest rates across the globe. Hospitality is indeed their number one priority and keeping the Maldivian tradi-tional culture with a fusion of modern twist is indeed an expertise in this place.

Rediscover South Africa

Come beautiful South Africa, often referred to as “a world in one country”! Robert from our travel agency LCC Park Travel in Pretoria is our destination expert today. In the picture you see him standing in front of the Union Buildings at the 9 metre tall bronze stature of Nelson Mandela.

Let’s hear from Robert the top 3 things to do in Pretoria:

Rediscover Slovenia

Bled Island is a true tresure that you have to visit when you come to Slovenia. Barara is our Slovenia expert from LCC Kompass in Ljubljana as has some fantatstic tips for you below.

»I recommend staying a Glamping tent in Garden Village Bled or in the Rikili Balance Hotel. My favorite restaurant to got to is the Bled Castle Restaurant. The best Bled Cream Cake you can get at Kavaran Park!

Rediscover the Netherlands safely with us

Our newest travel tip Leiden. Michelle, our LCC colleague from Germany titled this place as the little Amsterdam. One thing you have to do in Leiden is to visit the riverside of the city and join a boat ride on the beautiful Grachten (canals). After that go for a shopping tour to explorer lots of different little markets offering a huge selection of colorful flowers, delicious cheese and many more great stuff. Of course, all the exploration makes you thirsty and hungry.

Rediscover San Blas safely with us

Ulla Carbon from our LCC travel agency Pan Alliance in Panama takes us on a trip to the San Blas Islands, the number one vacation destination in Panama that is safe and bio secure to travel. Ulla tells us that this is because the Kuna (indigenous population of Panama) protect their land against massive tourism and keep them healthy and beautiful. This makes the San Blas Islands unique if you are searching for untouched nature and culture.

Rediscover Panama safely with us

Ready to enjoy the Panamanian Caribbean to relax and forget about the stress in the city? Then let our colleague Miguel from LCC Pan Alliance take you on a trip to the Venas Azules, those beautiful chan-nels of crystalline waters surrounded by mangroves. Here is Miguels top 3 of “must have tasted dish-es”: 1. Traditional Panamnian Saus (pig feet), 2. Pargo Rojo (Red Snapper with rice and coconut), 3. Lobster with rice and coconut.

Rediscover Moscow safely with us

Today our lovely colleague Giuliana from LCC Guindani Viaggi in Italy is recommending the best coffee she ever had. To our surprise this was not in her home town Cremona, but on the Red Square in Mos-cow! She definitely recommend staying at the National Hotel. The breakfast is served in the Moskov-sky Room that has large panoramic windows that offer spectacular Kremlin views.

Rediscover Brazil safely with us

Today we are rediscovering Brazil! Our colleague and travel expert Barbara from LCC Kulturismo Viagens in Brazil takes you to her favorite spots in her home city. Rediscover the delights of Brazil safely with us! Barbara recommends visiting the city Monte Verde (160 km from São Paulo). There you have the op-portunity to hike with or without horses. Breathe nature and enjoy a picnic with delicious snacks and drinks combined with an incredible view on the landscape.

Rediscover El Calafate safely with us

Did you know that it is possible to walk on Perito Moreno Glacier? There are two types of experiences depending on how adventurous you are! Mailén Chaure from LCC Secontur in Argentina about El Calafate!

The best place to enjoy sunset is the Don Pichón restaurant while tasting the Patagonian Lamb! Spend a few nights at a Patagonian Ranch and have the authentic "gaucho" experience. Combine nature, ar-cheology and gastronomy by having dinner at a cave with Nativo Experience.


Rediscover Germany safely with us

We have reached our fourth rediscover spot! Today we are going to Rediscover Bavaria! With a magi-cal view over the mountains of Germany. Our LCC colleague Michelle Maassen from Germany shares this travel tip with us:

Michelle recommends hiking in the amazing Alps of national park Berchtesgaden to enjoy the breath-taking view above the Königssee from the top of mountain Jenner. Also try another perspective and ride with a boat on the Königssee. While you enjoy the clear water and nature around you- you have to visit also the beautiful little church St. Bartholomä right at the waterfront. And if you are in Germany you can’t leave without visiting a Biergarten. Go to the famous city of Berchtesgaden with its gorgeous cas-tle and relax in a great Biergarten to end this trip.

Rediscover Ushuaia safely with us

Today’s destination to be rediscovered is Ushuaia. The best person to tell you more about this exciting city is Agustina from our LCC travel agency Secontur based in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Many do not know that Ushuaia is also the main gateway to visit Antarctica. You can easily hop on board one of the many cruises to discover the White Continent! It is a good shopping destination too, since it is a tax free city.

The best time to visit is in Argentinian spring or summer time. Ideally, you come from November on since it´s Penguin season! Agustinas food recommendation is to try is King Crab, Black Hake and Fueguian Lamb.

Rediscover Lucca safely with us

Travelling is one of the most sensual experiences simply appealing to all of our senses. Have you ever listened to one of Puccini’s famous classical pieces? Then the medieval city of Lucca in beautiful Tus-cany should be on your bucket list.

Our LCC colleague Francesca calls Rome her home, but recently travelled to Lucca, Puccinis’s home town. One thing is clear: There is no other place in the world where you can lose yourself in the lyrical music. Here is time and place to be to soak up the area’s history. Lucca is the best place in Italy to have a walk on top of the medieval city walls – a real highlight offering magnificent views that leave you breathless.

Rediscover Gdynia safely with us

Next stop on our journey of rediscovering the world is Gdynia. Martyna Mastalerz working for our LCC travel agency Bis Biuro Podróży in Poland takes us to her favorite places of the city.

Gdynia is the younger city than the more known city Gdansk. The beautiful seaport is the main attrac-tion and you when you are there you should take a walk on pier and the Baltic Sea. Must see is Dar Pomorza and other boats at the seaport.


Rediscover Gdansk safely with us

Whilst the world’s focus has tremendously changed since Corona virus has changed our private and business life’s to such an extent, we all still have the opportunity to dream ourselves away. And some-times dreams become reality, sooner than we think as travel restrictions ease and open new possibili-ties: Did you know that Poland has opened its borders for all EU citizens on 13 June already? This is why today, our lovely colleague and travel expert Martyna from our LCC agency Bis Biuro Podróży in Poland takes you to her favorite spots in her home city: Gdansk.

Rediscover Florence safely with us

We have reached our next stop on our Rediscover the World Journey and arrived in Florence!- this time with tips from Veronica Nencioni from LCC Intertravel in Italy. Not only delicious food but also amazing spots to watch the city with its beautiful skyline.
Get lost in its ancient narrow streets behind Piazza Signoria and eventually you will reach Piazza San-ta Croce and the breathtaking Basilica.

During meal-time do not miss the best "schiacciata" in town All’antico Vinaio https://www.allanticovinaio.com/ (schiacciata is a traditional tuscan salted flat bread, topped with extra virgin olive oil and filled with gourmet ingredients).

Rediscover Dominican Republic safely with us

Are you excited for our next travel spot? Today it is Montecristi in the Dominican Republic shared by our lovely colleague Gilkia from LCC Exelenzia Travel Hub in Dominican Republic. Montecristi is also called the jewel of the northwest. The province of Montecristi has a wild and striking landscape made for off-the-beaten-track adventures. Must see are the rice plantations, banana fields, goats and giant cacti stand sentry roadside, leading towards salt ponds and onto limestone cliffs hug-ging a wave-rich Atlantic Ocean. Around this part desert and part Mediterranean-like scenery, thick mangrove tunnels give way to fresh lagoons, while offshore cayes teem with migratory birds, and offer secluded beautiful white sand beaches.