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Lufthansa City Center

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Rediscover El Calafate safely with us

Did you know that it is possible to walk on Perito Moreno Glacier? There are two types of experiences depending on how adventurous you are! Mailén Chaure from LCC Secontur in Argentina about El Calafate!

The best place to enjoy sunset is the Don Pichón restaurant while tasting the Patagonian Lamb! Spend a few nights at a Patagonian Ranch and have the authentic "gaucho" experience. Combine nature, ar-cheology and gastronomy by having dinner at a cave with Nativo Experience.


Rediscover Ushuaia safely with us

Today’s destination to be rediscovered is Ushuaia. The best person to tell you more about this exciting city is Agustina from our LCC travel agency Secontur based in Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Many do not know that Ushuaia is also the main gateway to visit Antarctica. You can easily hop on board one of the many cruises to discover the White Continent! It is a good shopping destination too, since it is a tax free city.

The best time to visit is in Argentinian spring or summer time. Ideally, you come from November on since it´s Penguin season! Agustinas food recommendation is to try is King Crab, Black Hake and Fueguian Lamb.