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Lufthansa City Center International GmbH

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +49 (69) 66075 300
+49 (69) 66075 310

Lyonerstraße 36,
60528 Frankfurt am Main

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Our international staff members are the heart of our identity. Our people reflect our global nature. This diversity of backgrounds offers an incredibly perspective, entitling our team to understand a wide range of ways of thinking and needs. We help travel agencies worldwide to gain long-term customer relationships, make better business decisions and improve their processes.

We have an incredible workplace at Lufthansa City Center, especially if you like speaking in different languages and interacting with other cultures. We love to help our clients reach their business goals and we have a great time while doing it. Great benefits, a welcoming workplace and a wealth of opportunities are what you find here.

Project Manager from Denver, USA

Lufthansa City Center is the place I come not only to work, but to grow. This company opens a door to an international environment of more than 80 countries and cultures. Our employees connect not only in business, but also on a personal level. We share morning runs, lunch and homemade treats with each other. I know that once you experience our great work vibe, it will remain with you forever.

Quality & Area Manager from Satu Mare, Romania

Lufthansa City Center has a strong focus on international customers and does its best to keep the future bright for them. I love to meet people from all around the world and speak other languages. We have a great work environment and the team cares about teambuilding among internal colleagues. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and be appreciated as a part of the Lufthansa City Center team.

Trainee from Lima, Peru