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Lufthansa City Center International GmbH

Lufthansa City Center

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Lyonerstraße 36,
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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Your Experts at Lufthansa City Center

Marine and offshore travel is so much more than ships’ crews being moved on a daily basis. Defining marine and offshore travel are the Lufthansa City Center Marine & Offshore Travel members who live and breathe all things off shore, whether that be oil/gas/renewable energy or traditional marine. They know the complexity of a unique travel sector, one that requires a high degree of understanding for the urgent need to travel. A travel consultant who understands the importance of a traveller being globally re-positioned and the knock-on effect if that were not to happen. A travel consultant who understands the wide range of nationalities and documents involved as well as the regular occurrence of significant excess baggage. Additionally, LCC Consultants are sympathetic to medical repatriation travel and move quickly to reassure all concerned.
That is why entrusting your marine and offshore travel to an approved LCC Marine & Offshore Travel specialist results in your travel needs being in safe hands – you can concentrate on your business, safe and secure in the knowledge that LCC Marine & Offshore Travel have your travel logistics covered.

Lufthansa City Center Marine & Offshore Travel gives peace of mind to your travellers, knowing that they have a contact 24/7 to assist them with both their urgent repositioning trips and regular business travel. We naturally give peace of mind to the travel co-ordinator/manager by providing all the tools for an efficient handling of business and cost control. Regular reporting, travel alerts or traveller tracking solutions are just some of the offers in our portfolio.

Being part of the international Lufthansa City Center network of 650 travel agencies in more than 90 countries, Lufthansa City Center Marine & Offshore Travel can support you with a wide range of well-connected professionals in all key markets. Contact us today for more information at mot@lcc.de

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