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Mouthwatering and simply delicious: That's the colourful Barbadian cuisine we today bring to your home kitchen. Taste Barbados yourself and join our #LCCCookingChallenge: Four famous Barbadian Chefs have prepared their favourite recipe for you. Indulge in the flavours of this beautiful paradise as long as you cannot visit it yourself. Choose one recipe, watch the making-of, copy the dish, take a picture and send it to lcc@lcc.de to win a great Barbadian soundtrack.

Get to know our Barbadian Cuisine

Anita Nightingale, Director, Europe of Barbados Tourism Marketing explains in short which famous food, flavours and drinks originate from the beautiful island of Barbados. And if you want to join the '#LCCCookingChallenge, then have a look at all 4 recipes below.

Links to reipes:

Flambéed Pineapple by Sous-Chef Alicia Olton 

ECO Green Smoothie Bowl by Chef Alisha-Dawn Stoute 


Spiced Bajan Bakes with saltfish & pepper sauce aioli by Chef Damian Leach 

Bajan Fish Cakes by Catering Chef, Creig Greenidge