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Lufthansa City Center International GmbH

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +49 (69) 66075 300
+49 (69) 66075 310

Lyonerstraße 36,
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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The future business model changes with Direct Connect Distribution.

Direct Connect and the future of flight distribution is one of the key issues for Lufthansa City Center.

Why? Because we want to be ahead of the market developments, act instead of react. Many travel provides skip the classical distribution method via the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), as they wish to be more flexible in offering their products to travel agencies and travellers whilst saving costs for GDS segments. As airlines allow travel agencies to connect directly to their own reservation databases, via “Direct Connect", LCC will be among the first to provide a global solution to its franchisees.

As Direct Connect has major impacts on the travel agency business - with effects on income streams and processes – a thorough evaluation is key. From incentive schemes to the integration in mid- and backoffice systems, many aspects need to be considered. As a global travel agency powerhouse, LCC principally aims for the same independence airlines are looking for. LCC will thus provide one platform to the LCC members which gives them access to the classical GDS as well as the multiple Direct Connect channels from airlines, hotels and other providers, all combined in one Front Office.


We want to make our LCC members' lives easier and ensure that all content and best prices are made available to them in order to sell it to all their clients. And we strive for more. Our vision is the LDS: the LCC Distribution System.

Jens Schuster, Senior Director Franchising


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