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Rediscover San Blas safely with us

Ulla Carbon from our LCC travel agency Pan Alliance in Panama takes us on a trip to the San Blas Islands, the number one vacation destination in Panama that is safe and bio secure to travel. Ulla tells us that this is because the Kuna (indigenous population of Panama) protect their land against massive tourism and keep them healthy and beautiful. This makes the San Blas Islands unique if you are searching for untouched nature and culture. The most common way to get around the archipelago is by sailing from island to island. There are 378 islands of which 49 inhabited by native Kuna Indians. With white sand and waving palms, these Caribbean islands is the closest you can get to Paradise.

Do you get the taste to visit this cool place? Check out here to find your next LCC travel agent caring for your safe journey. Whenever you are ready to explore the world again – we are at your side!