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Lufthansa City Center International GmbH

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +49 (69) 66075 300
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Lyonerstraße 36,
60528 Frankfurt am Main
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Rediscover Panama safely with us

Ready to enjoy the Panamanian Caribbean to relax and forget about the stress in the city? Then let our colleague Miguel from LCC Pan Alliance take you on a trip to the Venas Azules, those beautiful chan-nels of crystalline waters surrounded by mangroves. Here is Miguels top 3 of “must have tasted dish-es”: 1. Traditional Panamnian Saus (pig feet), 2. Pargo Rojo (Red Snapper with rice and coconut), 3. Lobster with rice and coconut.

Once you have filled your belly and are ready for some adventure there are plenty of activities to do in the Venas Azules: fishing, snorkeling, visit the city of Protobello with its beautiful church or watch the sunset of one of the many beaches. And for some more local experience Miguel recommends taking part in the traditional Congo Dance. The dance, a mixture of movements, percussion and loud sounds, colors, dresses and masks, myths, magic and songs, are a fervent display of ancient African roots that have survived through countless generations. We cannot wait to visit this magical place!

Check out here to find your next LCC travel agent caring for your safe journey. Whenever you are ready to explore the world again – we are at your side!