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At Blue Sky Travel, we focus primarily on the quality of service and satisfaction of travelers. It does not change the fact that one of the key issues on which we focus in our cooperation with customers is the ability to organize business trips according to a business travel policy defined by the customer.
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Lufthansa City Center
Blue Sky
Roosevelta 3
60829 Poznan
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Business Travel Management
In many companies, the cost of business travel is often the second or third largest fixed cost. Minimizing the cost of travel requires conscious business trip management and consistent application of the so-called Business Travel Policy. The main purpose of business travel management is to provide all employees with the possibility to reach and stay in places where they must perform their business functions while minimizing the costs that the company incurs for this task.
Call Center and offices
For customers on business trips we provide a call center that is open 7 days a week and two offices located in Poznan and Warsaw. We provide comprehensive services in the area of airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental and insurance of business trips. We serve customers who purchased travel in other Lufthansa City Center offices (foreign reservations). We also organize group trips and incentive tours (foreign and domestic).