Seychellen abends
Travel Destination Seychelles

Useful Tips for Singles, Couples and Families

With endless sandy beaches, a fascinating

 underwater world and foreign cultures, the Seychelles offer countless vacation adventures for singles, couples and families. Deserted beaches with powder-fine sand, the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, dreamy little towns with warm-hearted people, lush flora and fauna that make you think this must be paradise - all this makes a stay in the Seychelles a dream vacation.

East of Kenya and Tanzania lie the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 dreamy islands. They are divided into the Inner and Outer Islands, with the main island of Mahé being the largest of the Inner Islands. This is where every dream trip to the Seychelles begins, because Mahé is home to the only international airport in the archipelago.

Seychellen Strand mit Palmen
Islands like painted pictures


How can the perfect beauty be defined? One could rave about postcard palms hanging almost lasciviously over piecemeal white sand, even more so on beaches with seductive names like Anse Source d'Argent on La Digue, where the world-famous rock formations indisputably ensure the predicate dream beach. One could enumerate the water colors from soft light to deep inky blue, and that there are such wonderful resorts from which to bike to one of these outrageously beautiful beaches, with a wide beach sheet in a basket, the snorkeling mask, of course, sunscreen, water and maybe even a light picnic ...

Golden Hour auf den Seychellen
Many small Islands

Large small group of islands

About a hundred islands belong to the group of the Seychelles, which has become known as hardly any other island kingdom to have remained at the same time so beautiful and yet natural. A secluded paradise where no one puffs themselves up, but petanque is sometimes played with coconuts. Mahé, La Digue and Praslin are the most popular of these dream islands. There everyone finds also its completely personal Plätzchen: How about a hundred by three meters, hardly any visitors, shallow and protected, natural sea pools with spectacular rock formations at Anse Marron on La Digue ...?

Hawksbill Wasser Schildkröte
Environmental protection pioneer & travel tips

Sustainability & Giant Tortoises

Nature conservation is given the highest priority in the Seychelles and has been firmly anchored in the constitution since the 1980s. The inhabitants are therefore very concerned about preserving their unique environment, which is also expected of visitors. Around 50 percent of the land area is a nature reserve - more than anywhere else in the world. On Curieuse Island - better known as Turtle Island - they live in the wild. In addition to the giant tortoises, you can also see huge mangrove forests and a lush natural landscape.

Hafen Seychellen
Seychelles dream island

Capitals & Island Dreams

The main island of Mahé is not the geographical center of the Seychelles, but it is the cultural center. Here is the capital Victoria, which is considered the smallest capital in the world. The economic heart of the Seychelles is very lively, the choice of gastronomy, hotel business, activities in sports and culture is large. A visit to the magnificent Hindu temple, a tour of the tea factory, an excursion to the Port Glaud waterfall or to the artisan village of Vilaz Artizanal are recommended. Friends of Creole cuisine should not miss the market in Beau Vallon.