Lufthansa City Center launches new brand appearance in 2019
In 2019, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) will launch a fresh and modern new brand appearance. For the first time in its 27-years history, the two franchise headquarters Lufthansa City Center Reisebüropartner (LCR) and Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI) are adapting their own corporate design. The change is based on the new Lufthansa design, yet introducing an own travel agency design world with its new look. LCC incorporates the Lufthansa font, the airline’s new primary color “Deep Blue” as well as the new, thinner crane. However, the relaunch now particularly strengthens the word mark "City Center" and comes with a brand-new picture and color world.

"The design change of Lufthansa has been a clear opportunity for us," says LCC interim Managing Director Klaus Schneider. "Over the years we have developed many sub-brands and logo variations. Now it is time to sharpen our brand and create a consistent image in the minds of our customers that reflects our passion for travel. "

"Customers have to understand a logo and its message within milliseconds," explains LCCI Managing Director Uwe Müller. "Our new design is simpler, more sophisticated, modern and clearer."

The changes are rather an evolution than a revolution. Yet, LCC has fundamentally adapted all elements, adapting the word-picture mark, the placement of claims and brands, colors and fonts. The new crane is now better visible in small areas and digital media. In future, the single-colored wordmark Lufthansa City Center will appear in bold dark blue letters in one line - "City Center" of equal value in one line with "Lufthansa". The individual travel agency name is placed right underneath in an elegant, thin font. On dark backgrounds, the logo may also be used in white. In specific markets, the outdoor signage may also carry the agency name in a local language (i.e. Arabic or Russian), above the initial LCC logo to comply with local specifications and legal regulations.

The claim "Your travel agency. Worldwide" as well as the service brands such as Business Travel, Global Travel, and Global Incoming Network are no longer part of the logo itself. In future, they will be prominently positioned as service statement in the overall communication.

In terms of color schemes and fonts used, LCC extends the Lufthansa design: Apart of the new Lufthansa Deep Blue, a new turquoise tone called ”LCC Ocean“ and a sand tone have been derived from the color of the sea and sandy beaches. Both strive to illustrate the multifaceted travel experiences in an emotional and appealing way. Yellow will only be used for occasional accentuations. In addition to the new Lufthansa's corporate font, LCC will use cursive to underline the personal customer service. New large-sized pictures complete the entirely new look.

The new logo will be effective from 1st January 2019. However, a transitional period of 24 months is planned, in which LCC franchisees may use up business cards, stationery or advertising material to save resources. The most significant investment is the conversion of the outdoor signs at the LCC travel shops. This shall be completed within five years. The first pioneer, LCC Reisebüro Berndt in Bad Bentheim, Germany has already installed the new outdoor sign as part of its renovation process.