Atriis Technologies provides a next generation global e-commerce platform (GTP) designed for travel agencies and their customers. The international travel agency network - Lufthansa City Center International (LCCI), has just recently signed an exclusive reseller agreement with the Israel-based compa-ny. With this, LCCI has the right to offer the distribution platform to all its Lufthansa City Center franchisees outside Germany. This enables all interna-tional LCC travel agencies to offer the platform also to their end customers. The e-commerce platform comprises GDS and non-GDS content, as well as NDC-based offers from various airlines within the one system. LCCI is the
only global reseller that Atriis is working with.

Through this agreement, LCCI acts as a pioneer, being the only travel agency network allow-ing its franchisees and end customers access to such an innovative, content rich and ready-to-use distribution technology. LCCI has also been granted general reselling rights and will thus proactively provide the GTP in selected markets to travel agencies not being a full LCC franchisee today. With this collaborative approach, LCCI and Atriis both commit to grow GTP users as well as the LCC franchise network.

“We have chosen the Atriis Global Travel Platform for our worldwide LCC network, as this technology significantly improves the efficiency and expands the revenue sources within our member agencies“, explains LCCI Managing Director Uwe Müller. We believe, this platform is currently the most comprehensive global solution for all our markets, as it offers broad content from various airlines, hotel aggregators, direct connects to multiple hotel chains and selected hotels as well as car rental suppliers.“

“Via GTP we ensure our LCC franchisees can access all direct connect products and best available prices to stay extremely competitive towards their customers“, adds Jens Schuster, Senior Director Franchising. ”Besides the perfect all-round ser-vice to existing customers, LCC franchisees may also approach new customers and generate sources of income with the new platform at hand. For us, this is an initial step on our way to creating a global LCC marketplace in which all LCC members from 90 countries share content and work closely together.“

The partnership offers LCCI distinct competitive advantages: Franchisees and their customers have a fast and simple access to directly connected travel segments such as flights and hotels with all available content and rates. This also includes the seat reservations or any further ancillary services for LCC customers. Additionally, hotel bookings can be further customized for the customer due to the extra features and information displayed. GTP improves the user experience, drives efficiencies and delivers savings to customers as well as offering revenue increases through so-phisticated optimization processes.

In the airline segment, GTP readily provides access to all tariffs of the Lufthansa Group, British Airways, American Airlines, almost the entire range of international Low-Cost-Carriers and in the near future additional content from Air France/KLM, Air Canada and Emirates. It is clear that the portfolio of connected suppliers will contin-ue to grow. Currently, LCCI and Atriis are evaluating which additional airlines, car rental and insurance companies from the LCC preferred supplier portfolio are to be added via Direct Connect to the platform.